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What should Europe do?

EUROPE / Europe and EU co-operation have developed in step with society's crises and challenges. On that occasion, MODERN TIMES has asked a number of Norwegian opinion leaders questions about the future of Europe. The EU's Green Deal shows leadership on the environment and climate, in addition to digital services. We ask which areas the EU should prioritize, with appropriate political, legal or industrial initiatives and forms of cooperation.


Rector of NTNU, Anne Borg, argues that Europe, without specifically mentioning the EU, must play a global leadership role: “Humanity faces challenges of a scale and consequences unparalleled in our time. The challenges are complex, and we need new solutions quickly – it is urgent if we are to limit the consequences of climate change and reduce further losses of biodiversity. However, the challenges are very complex, and we need a change that is sustainable socially, economically and environmentally. "

She continues to MODERN TIMES: «Europe should be a major player in the biggest turnaround operation of all time, in the extensive work that must be done to. . .

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Paal Frisvold
Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

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