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What shaped him as a human being

You must own it yourself
Forfatter: Thorbjørn Jagland
Forlag: Cappelen Damm (Norge)
MEMOIR / Was the most interesting thing in Thorbjørn Jagland's book overlooked by the critics?

Much of the preview of Thorbjørn Jagland's memoir You must own it yourself was of a critical nature and linked to the expectations that he would discuss internal conflicts in Arbeiderpartiet – and the relationship with Jens Stoltenberg. Then came the book and thus the reviews, and those who reviewed, were true to their expectations. They searched and found some old conflicts with Jens Stoltenberg and Grete Faremo from 25 years ago that they absolutely had to bring to light again. The book is 405 pages, but most of these reviews of a critical negative nature are about the content of 70-80 pages. The reviewers who chose this approach wrote in VG, TV 2 and DN.
The rest of the book's content, which in my opinion is the most interesting, was overlooked. In the media on the left was. . .

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Halle Jørn Hanssen
Former Secretary General of Norwegian People's Aid, TV correspondent, politician and author.

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