What does Michel Houellebecq want?

We are many who talked down the days of the publication of Michel Houellebecq's latest book, Serotonin (serotonin 2019). Rumors had already spread that the author would once again hit the nerve of French society, as he did last time, when Submission (Get a Quote, 2015) came out the same day that satirist Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Islamists. IN Submission Houellebecq describes a future scenario where a Muslim presidential candidate wins the election in 2022, and slowly but surely makes France a Muslim state.

This time, Houellebecq's book comes out as the Yellow West has managed, against everyone's predictions, to assert itself in the French political landscape by sending an electric shock all the way up to the Presidential Palace: President Emmanuel Macron now has support figures thought only his predecessor was in able to get. Anyway – Macron probably could not have dreamed of anything better. Because even though the yellow vests have smashed shops on the Champs-Élysées, they have also become the president's favorites. They are simply like himself: coming from nowhere, neither from the left nor the right, and are devoid of ideology – apart from a very legitimate desire to have a better everyday life. . .

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