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What hinders love?

It is not original to warn that feminism threatens love.


The surprising thing in the book "Give me your heart – in search of love" is that Hanne Andrea Kraugerud so little problematizes the claim. Kraugerud has possibly seen many romantic Hollywood films during the writing process, but she may not have read much feminist theory.

Hanne Andrea Kraugerud stands as the valiant knight of love in her recent book, where she also lists who threatens love today. Here, she particularly highlights Fat feminists and others who believe that equality is the best framework for true love. This is a criticism that deserves answers and a discussion.

First of all: we probably start with two very different starting points when we are to find the good love for our time. Kraugerud is based on a very traditional understanding of love, and even highlights the Hollywood films as a kind of ideal for romance and love. She lets the couples merge into a secret, twosome community, where it is «the couple's. . .

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