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What do you want, Hillary?

More and more people are questioning how far right Hillary Clinton is willing to go for fishing votes.


[usa] Hillary Rodham Clinton is supremely renowned for a new term in the Senate.

The run-up to a possible presidential election for Hillary Clinton in 2008 is in full swing.

The senator's thank-you speech to the state party congress that took place in Buffalo, New York, in May this year, was perceived as the confirmation of her candidacy that the delegates had been waiting for.

The emphasis in the speech was not on local issues, despite Clinton representing New York State in the Senate. Instead, she lashed out at President George W. Bush, his neglect of the environment, the working class, and, not least, the Bush administration's "disastrous foreign policy." The result did not wait:

standing applause and words of praise from most wings in the party.

New face

However, the Liberals are concerned. They claim Clinton in an attempt to reach a broader constituency has moved so forcefully to the right that she is in danger of losing her own political foundation. She points to her support for the Iraq invasion and her growing friendship with arch-conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Last week, she was literally bowed off the stage during a liberal congress in New York, due to her opposition to being American. . .

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