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Who is the 5G revolution for?

5G: This autumn, Trondheim will be Norway's first 5G city. 5G will lay the foundations for a technological revolution.
The advertising for the people includes faster internet, smart cities and the Internet of Things. But is life getting better?

When powerful forces are behind it, it is
necessary to ask questions. Telenor's CEO, Sigve Brekke, gives us parts
of the answer to who 5G is for: «Early launch of and experimentation with 5G is
important for Norwegian industrial development and competitiveness. "
At the same time, more and more independents are warning
researchers on the health hazards of radiation from wireless communication technology.
"EMF scientist appeal" has now been signed by 247 researchers with specialist expertise
in the field. Will safety and health be set aside if the motivation is great enough?
Historically, it is not a new phenomenon.

A report from the WHO (World Health)
Organization) in 2000 revealed how the tobacco industry in its time used heavy
lobbying to influence the WHO's attitude towards smoking and sowing doubt
health hazards in general. . .

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Haugtrø is a cultural school teacher and freelance writer.

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