Who will own the stories?

The Political Essay Collection Whose Story Is This? by Rebecca Solnit is a summary of the last feminist campaign year in the light of the past and the future with a closing letter addressed to "The March 15, 2019, Climate Strikers". Among the prominent women in the book, Solnit mentions author Rebecca Traisters Good and Mad, author Tara Westover with the autobiographical book educated, MeToo activist and actor Rose McGowan, politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

The book has been created in the aftermath of metoo, where women's stories were heard and had implications for those involved. In light of metoo Solnit wants us to get to the bottom of it if stories and struggles we tell and fight for when it comes to issues like abortion, racism, climate change, anger, violence and white power.

As I read, I think back on her Call Them By Their True Names from 2018, where she writes that we can change the world by changing the history and language we describe it with – by just "calling them by their true names". In the new book, Solnit claims that in order to change who tells the story and who decides, we must first change whose history we choose to tell – hence the title Whose Story Is This?.

White men

Solnit writes that men's anger is a public safety issue – whether it is domestic violence or mass shootings. Recently, Norway was exposed to the latter. Under. . .

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