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How do you "stay home" if you do not have a home?

There Is No Outside – Covid 19 Dispatches
Forfatter: Jessie Kindig, Mark Krotov, Marco Roth
Forlag: Verso (Storbritannia)
PANDEMIC / Even during the pandemic, we maintain our status quo; the privileged remain privileged, and the others remain outside society.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The collection of essays There Is No Outside consists of contributions from 19 young authors about the quarantine period during the corona pandemic. The title of the collection points to the experience that there is no world outside, all the time one is forced to stay at home. The world outside is reduced to what you can see through the windows, be it trees, a brick wall or the neighbors.

I myself experienced that the million-strong city of Vienna became frightening to stay in. I became anxious about everyday things – like going out to throw rubbish. The charming town with people living close and intimate in old apartment buildings, suddenly became one of the most dangerous places I could stay.

Where did the homeless actually go?

Vienna became for me what New York became for Aaron Timms, who in the essay "Distance Must Be Maintained" writes: "New York, like many other cities, is often depicted as a body: the large parks as the city's lungs, the streets as the arteries, the people as the blood of life. " For the first time, I felt a claustrophobic feeling in the big city. My little apartment, which never before felt small, now felt like a dollhouse.

The countryside. . .

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