How to take responsibility after a war?

Going to war and dropping 588 bombs across a country means that you have a "special responsibility" to help afterwards.

Vangen works in the Norwegian Peace Council.
Published: January 2, 2019

The Norwegian narrative of the Libya war has changed significantly. From an almost unison understanding that the war was right and good in 2011, it has become clearer and clearer in recent years that the war was both unnecessary and disastrously unthinkable. The price is still being paid by the Libyans themselves: From being one of Africa's most prosperous countries, the country now, almost eight years after NATO bombing, is still characterized by chaos, crime and regional divide. If there is a state in North Africa that today deserves the term "failed state", it must be Libya.

Det er tidligere skrevet mye om hvordan en på best mulig vis kan forhindre slike kriger i framtida. Noen har for eksempel krevd …

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