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Why this photo book?

Forfatter: Krass Clement
Forlag: Gyldendal (Danmark)
BUENOS AIRES / The city has an intensity on every street corner that seduces even the most hurried visitor. Does the book disappoint for its stereotypical and mediocre photographs?

The photo book Metrovia by the Danish photographer Krass Clement is presented as «a photographic work about Buenos Aires but not in the usual sense a book about the whole city and its architecture and famous places. Rather a description of the feeling evoked by a place ».

At 184 pages, Krass Clement takes us around Buenos Aires. That Buenos Aires he as a visitor has chosen to photograph. It is primarily in the subway, in squares and public places.

The city is in many ways heaven and hell in action with an infernal traffic culture and mad and passionate inhabitants

In the press release from Gyldendal, Krass Clement says: “The city is experienced as a contrast-rich meeting between a familiar, classic European culture and a foreign Latin American. Metrovia alternating between photographs of places and people on streets and squares and in the subway, which brings them far and wide to different. . .

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Rune V. Harritshøj
Writer living in Buenos Aires.

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