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Why there is something and not just nothing

VENICE / This year's Art Biennale in Venice feels like the end of a human-centered era, a time where man with his invulnerability, self-sufficiency, the white man as the center of the world is under attack. Now it is the woman's turn to ask the big questions, about the sanctity of life, about connectedness, about man and technology, about what comes after "man".

The only authority that can say today: "You must change your life", is the global crisis. A crisis marked by uncertainty and our belonging to the earth. If there is something in this time and in this crisis, which this time commands us to change our lives once and for all, it is because it brings the question of life's relationship to the living to the surface.

Because perhaps it has arrived, the momentum we have been waiting for for so long, which will break with the carefree logic of time. Perhaps it begins with Leibniz's question about why there is something and not nothing. Where we . . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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