Why does Islam need a sexual revolution?

Islam needs a sexual revolution
ISLAM / In a time when fear of Islam is spreading, Seyran Ates writes that Islam needs a sexual revolution to gain respect from the world community.

The German lawyer and Muslim feminist Watching Fire (b. 1963) with Turkish-Kurdish origins have written the battle script Islam needs a sexual revolution based on 23 year-old Hatun Sürücü's (1982 – 2005) final words "I fuck who I want" before she was killed by her own brother in Berlin. Despite the fact that the book is published in Norwegian ten years after the German edition Islam needs a sexual revolution, it is still relevant and important in the debate about Islam.
Religions were established by men at a time when women were even less valuable than today. It explains the reason for the oppressive attitudes of women in Islam, which do not follow the social changes in the world. . . .

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