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Why everything goes wrong in the WTO

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

In the chronicle "A new solidarity trade policy" (Ny Tid 28 October), Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid, Atle Sommerfeldt, explains how Norway and its alliance partners in the so-called G10 coalition have ended up as tailgating for the US and the EU and as opponents of natural allied poor countries in the ongoing WTO negotiations. There is a lot to learn here – both for the new red-green government and for representatives of Norwegian agriculture. Sommerfeldt encourages us to look up, and «take a constructive WTO position that does not conflict with poor farmers' demands for a production that they too can live with. The blocked situation the WTO is currently in may be a golden opportunity to rethink both its negotiating positions and potential allies.

Number of chronically malnourished is now 840 million, and the number is increasing by 4 million every year. This is the concrete challenge facing WTO negotiators, but there is no indication that they will move the world forward. . .

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