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In the direction of the totalitarian

About tyranny: Twenty things we can learn from the twentieth century
PRE-FASCISM / Timothy Snyder's little textbook on tyranny – written for society "between Hitler and Stalin" – lies between patriotic obedience and political disobedience. The book is still current.

About tyranny: Twenty things we can learn from the twentieth century is based on warnings from the American historian Timothy Snyder, who specializes in the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Snyder announced in 2017 that the US president could attack democracy by provoking a crisis that could provide a reason to set aside power-balancing institutions. The belief that American liberal democracy is the only political alternative to fascism and communism has been virtually sacred in the United States, something not least Hannah Arendt has contributed to. With the experience of the post-Trump community and the certainty that Trump will continue to shape American policy during the US congressional elections in 2022 and the presidential elections in 2024, the new release is therefore relevant.

In Norway, several critics in 2017 were positive to Snyder's democracy education project, but more skeptical of what might seem to be his Americanized exaggerations. In 2017, Aftenposten's reviewer perceived Snyder's message as "too pessimistic". Men. . .

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Marianne Solberg
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