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At a time when only "necessary" travel is allowed

TO TRAVEL / Where are you going to travel when the pandemic ravages the destination? In the literature, of course. On the desolate islands of the books, you can stretch up the hammock without being infected by anything other than longing.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

A few years ago, the time had come to clean out Grandpa's apartment. A long life was to be sorted into four piles: "throw away," "save," "give away," and "sell." Worn photo albums, umbrellas with squares and paisley pattern, tower with white sheets in thick cotton quality. Well-used bread molds, outdated screwdrivers. And books. Long lines with "Who, What, Where", English novels and ragged crime. But then at the bottom; several meters of tired fabric backs and titles faded in gold:

Polynesian. . .

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Anne Håskoll-haugen
Håskoll-Haugen is a freelance journalist,

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