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Identity match in Croatia 

Regissør: Nebojsa Slijepcevic

Srbenka is a skilled metateater that involves the actors' own experiences and memories of the war in the 90 century. It also provides a good insight into how everyday life is becoming apparent among the Serbian minority in Croatia. 

Some have said that the renowned theater director Oliver Frljic creates drama wherever he goes. He has, on several occasions, made it clear that to him the theater is to a lesser extent a goal in itself, than a tool for social struggle.

His pieces always relate to the traumas and anomalies of the historical, geographical and political space he is in. As a result, he has also been awarded many awards.

Srbenka – a documentary made by Nebojsa Slijepcevic -  is based on one of Frljic's plays. The struggle is between the Serbian minority and the Croatian national feeling. The Serbian identity struggle in Croatia began during the war in the 90 century, and has later changed character to a political ideology that persists long after the war officially ends. 

A struggle for identities

In the 90s, the dominant idea of ​​many – both in Croatia and in neighboring Slovenia – was that a liberal democracy could only be established through secession. . .

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