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IKEA, Bratteli, Jewish property…

In the archives of the Swedish security police there is a secret folder from 1943 marked «Memorandum regarding: Nazi».

In 1994, this file was opened by journalists in the newspaper Expressen. The content became the starting point for a series of articles that disturbed the image of a national hero. It concerned IKEA founder and owner Ingvar Kamprad, who had not only been a Nazi when Hitler lived.

Mens IKEA grew, Kamprad supported a movement that promoted a raging Europe. I own a signed copy of Trygve Brattelis Capture in the night and fog , published in Swedish in 1980. In the preface, Tage Erlander compares his own role as Prime Minister with the conditions for colleague Bratteli, who spent three years in German concentration camps: «Actually, it is fantastic that Trygve Bratteli, after his terrible experiences during World War II, managed preserve faith in the future of man. " For me, that comment captures a crucial difference between Swedish and Norwegian national opinion.

In a recently liberated country, the future demands a settlement with the past. In a neutral. . .

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Arne Ruth
Ruth is a former editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter.

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