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Do not use Muslims as a breach in the immigration debate

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

"The Norwegian press will not, cannot and do not dare write about the facts," sociologist and social activist Kjetil Rolness told Norwegian editors during the Norwegian Editors' Association's autumn meeting in Oslo recently. In an in-depth case on the website Journalisten.no, Rolness further states that Norwegian journalists are less concerned about facts and source criticism, and that they neither dare nor want to do critical journalism in the immigration field. He highlights Human Rights Service editor Nina Hjerpset-Østlie and writer Jon Hustad as honorable exceptions.
Nina Hjerpset-Østlie is the editor of a website that published the hair-raising claim that 8000 of the refugees Norway will receive from Syria are ISIS sympathizers. Hjerpset-Østlie also claims that the Salafist youth organization IslamNet has 16 sympathizers because they have 000 members on their Facebook group. That a large part of these are Norwegian journalists, politicians, researchers and others who hardly have any connection with Salafi Islam, is not so accurate.
Jon Hustad is also fond of exaggerating numbers when it comes to Muslims. In a recent debate on TV2, he asserted without any evidence that there are 1000 – 2000 Norwegian Muslims supporting those who have traveled to join ISIS.
Such claims. . .

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