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Nonviolent strategies and alternative to military service  

Several women are calling for a Ministry of Peace and the introduction of a new culture of peace in Norway.


The #MeToo campaign has shown the world that women can change their attitudes when they stand together. Women all over the world say NO to more wars, weapons of destruction and polluting environmental and climate change that lead to enormous human suffering. The UN Security Council Resolution §1325 "Women – Peace and Security" is thus an excellent strategy for reaching women, and shows to society that alternatives to military armament and deterrence exist.

The undersigned proposes a strategy of change, where the establishment of a Ministry of Peace is central. The Ministry should be set up in parallel with the Ministry of Defense, which can help to establish a culture of peace with a focus on non-violence communication, non-violence resistance and non-violence strategies.

Nonviolent strategies

We know that conflicts that are resolved through non-violence methods are more sustainable than conflicts that are solved with weapons. Norway can then also make choices in our compulsory military service, giving today's youth a choice between military training and non-violent training – in other words: a choice between military forces, civilian peacekeepers / Peace Brigade International (PBI) or civilian service.

These are real and feasible measures that do not have to cost much money. At the same time, the government does not have to spend tax money on raw equipment such as F35 fighter jets and other military equipment in the long run.

The PBI has its peacekeeping forces in many countries such as Latin America, Mexico, Columbia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal with support groups (country groups) in almost all European countries, including Norway, the USA, Canada and Australia. PBI has very good results, and many young people want a non-violent service instead of military service.

Norway needs a Ministry of Peace where peace culture is central and which can easily be incorporated into the Ministry of Aid, which was restored in the autumn by the government and which was previously located under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Signed by Randi Heinert, Anne M. Halvorsen, Mette Fjeldstad from Grandmothers for Peace, and Trine Eklund – Norway's Peace Team

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