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Imaginary meetings

Other Paradises. Poetic Approaches to Thinking in a Technological Age
Forfatter: Jessica Sequeira
Forlag: Zero Books (England/USA)
How are we going to evolve in the technology era? Author Jessica Sequeira believes that we have rich opportunities to develop living thinking in the face of technology.

Why do we behave in unproductive ways? Author Jessica Sequeira replies that "unproductive behavior" is linked to the experience of freedom and the making of interesting relationships. In modernity, we create personal utopias that include technology in new ways. This contributes to the formation of apocalyptic ideas, dystopias, autobiographies and history.

Sequeira writes that people are often aware that they are building their lives on "precarious premises" and that they often have a feeling of being born too late or premature. They build artificial paradise and try to find new ways of communicating – either using technology or without it.

What is an artistic and imaginary response to technology? To develop a way of being that does not deny technology, but which embraces it in a human way, where the goal is not increased productivity, but to create something in an imaginative context. Something that sets human processes in motion in a playful way, and that transforms technological processes into living ones. . .

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