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Empire mercenaries

Outsourced Empire. How Militias, Mercenaries, and Contractors Support US Statecraft
Forfatter: Andrew Thomson
Forlag: Pluto Press (Storbritannia)
Andrew Thomson has written a captivating book about how Western imperialism has changed in the post-World War II era.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

In 1953, Iranian leader Muhammed Mosaddeq was ousted in a military coup. In this way, Shah Reza Pahlavi returned to power, and he introduced an autocratic regime and lay close to the heels of the United States. Mosaddeq had been democratically elected a few years before and he had gained enormous popularity among the Iranian people. Not least, he had taken steps to nationalize the country's oil industry, which was to strengthen the country's democratic development and ensure that the population received a share of the oil revenue. These fell into the pockets of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, later BP, and the British company had appealed to Western governments. . .

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