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In search of life in the border town of Tijuana

Chèche lavi / Looking for life
Regissør: Sam Ellison

IMMIGRATION: While Democrats, Republicans and the President of the United States are arguing over a border wall, shows Chèche lavi what whimsical political measures mean to ordinary people.

After an 35 day-long shutdown of the US state apparatus, at a cost of nearly 6 billion, the business has reopened – at least temporarily. At the same time, President Donald Trump is threatening an exception, having made his long-awaited border wall a national security issue. On the other side of the border, meanwhile, people continue to try to legally enter the United States in search of a better life, as the eternal "American Dream" ad invites them to do. As news anchors try to follow the ongoing quarrel between the president, politicians and talk show hosts and continue to mock the situation in response to each new announcement (and Twitter message), the seemingly whimsical political decision touches many of these ordinary people – a dynamic which is largely overlooked.

Temporarily protected status

Chèche lavi, Creole for "seeking life", draws a portrait of two ordinary people: Laureus "Robens" Gasgasha and James Dorcelus, both Haitian men we meet on the border between Mexico and the United States. Like many others, Robens and James fled Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to find work outside their own devastated land. Originally, Brazil provided opportunities for work in the construction industry before the World Cup in 2014. . .

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Sanders is a critic, living in Rotterdam.

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