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In the age of opportunism

In time of infection: Report from the frontline of the pandemic
Forfatter: Paolo Giordano,
Forlag: Aleksander Melli (oversetter)
Spartacus (2020)
VIRUS: An Italian writer and physicist has forged while the corona iron is hot. But paradoxically, his message drowns in the banalities that he believes should give way to mathematical realities.

Paolo Giordano has a doctorate in theoretical particle physics, but has also written several novels. debut novel The solitude of prime numbers has been translated into thirty languages ​​and has been filmed in the home country.

In the time of infection is a pamphlet he wrote in record time in early March: The coronavirus has taken over Italy, and he wants to clarify. First, he emphasizes the difference between viruses and disease. The virus is called SARS-CoV-2; the disease is called covid-19. When it comes to the spread of the virus, one operates with. . .

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Kjetil Korslund
Historian of ideas and regular critic in Ny Tid.

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