In the shadow of Einstein

The Serbian physicist and mathematician Mileva Einstein-Mari (1875–1948) was one of the few women of his time who took higher science education. She became Albert Einstein's (1879–1955) first wife. Together they had their daughter Lieserl out of wedlock and sons Hans Albert and Eduard while married.

I Einstein's Wife reveals the true and tragic story of Maric, the so-called Mileva Story, based on documentation such as letters and transcripts. Through these we gain insight into how Maric went from being a gifted student with the entire world for her feet to becoming a sick, depressed and divorced housewife.

The book is divided into three main sections with sub-chapters, except for the second section, which consists of only seven pages. In the first part, Professor Emeritus outlines David C. Cassidy the life course of Maric, who. . .

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