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Crazy in the streets of Jerusalem

Our Boys
Regissør: Joseph Cedar

THE BOYS: Israeli docu-drama tackles the traumatic wave of violence and revenge that led to open war in the summer of 2014.

A strong
battered corpses are found in a wooded area on the outskirts of West Jerusalem.
The identification is difficult, for the person has been burned alive, but it
turns out to be Muhammed Abu Khdeir, a young Palestinian from Shuafat, a
residential area in the eastern parts of the city.

"Jews do not burn children, I know Israeli racism, but Jews do
not that kind », says the policeman in charge of the investigation
the crime scene. Early that morning, the boy has been abducted from one
empty street outside his home, and it is in the given situation natural to
suspect radical Jewish settlers of being behind but the policeman's first
reaction smells far away of denial. Or maybe it's just deep and genuine
disbelief. The question is open.

The gruesome killing
on Muhammed Abu Khdeir was part of a chain of events which shook
Palestine and Israel in the summer of 2014. In the end, it led to the comprehensive
military invasion of the Gaza Strip, in which more than 2000 Palestinians lost
life in July and August that year. Now the Israeli director has Joseph Cedar
created a miniseries that over ten episodes dramatizes the tragic development.
Using lots of original footage of the real events provides
it a unique and disturbing insight into the psychological processes that yet
once led to a violent flare-up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Out of control

Cedar has chosen to use the abduction of three young Israelis. . .

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Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

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