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Info war and arms purchases

EU and NATO leaders signal that they will strengthen military cooperation. Will it lead to increased militarization of Europe?


The 41 point plan was presented by EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini and NATO commander Jens Stoltenberg during the Alliance's Foreign Minister meeting in Brussels 5. – 6. December. They promised closer cooperation on "hybrid war" and "cyber war", maritime in the Mediterranean, drills and subsidization of defense technology.

The statement comes as both organizations are under pressure: Populist, EU-critical parties are on the rise, while Trump's statements in the election campaign have cast doubt on NATO's security guarantee. "The most extraordinary coincidence of disturbing incidents in a long time," as Foreign Minister Mogherini described it.

Foreign Minister Børge Brende and his other 27 colleagues met for the first time after Trump's election victory. Brende did not see the strengthening of European military cooperation as an admission that the security guarantee has been weakened.

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