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The heyday of information capitalism

Capitalism and resentment
Forfatter: Joseph Vogl
Forlag: C.H. Beck (Tyskland)
INTERNET / In 2017, two-thirds of Americans received large portions of their daily news dose via social media. The coincidence of financial capitalism and information technologies creates, according to Joseph Vogl, "resentment-driven echo chambers."

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

If it costs nothing, it is you who uses it, which is the item. This is how the implicit business model of Facebook and other social media could be formulated. In his new book Capitalism and resentment The German philosopher and literary critic Joseph Vogl paints a disturbing picture of our time: The coincidence of information technology and financial capitalism penetrates precariously into the most intimate spheres of human beings and produces far-reaching social, economic and political realities.

The seed of the mastodontic emergence of today's technology giants such as Google, Facebook and co. Vogl sees in the coincidence between finance capital and information technology from. . .

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