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No more Russian heroes

Electing Russia
Regissør: Alexandr Rastorgujev
(Russland, Tyskland)

Electing Russia sheds a depressing light on the opposition in Russia. Do they really represent a real change for the benefit of the people?

There are no heroes in Alexandr Rastorguyev's engaging 90 minute documentary. Electing Russia sheds light on the mistakes the Russian opposition made to Vladimir Putin's corrupt state, which created little other than headlines in the West, and victims of police violence and arrests at home.

Rastorguyev has a rare talent for critical political documentary. He is both an opposition activist who has been arrested and beaten by the police during his work, and a cool and sharp-eyed observer. IN Electing Russia combines brilliant photography, often even in the midst of violent events, with a clear eye for beautifully framed and narrative footage.

This is a thoroughly executed documentary, produced by two who have collaborated for a long time: Russian Yevgeny Gindilis and German Simone Baumann, who know that European viewers need both explanation and guidance to understand what's going on in Russia.

National myth

The opening images will convince viewers with even a temporary interest in Russian domestic politics to look further: The film starts cheerfully, with people dressed in military uniforms gathered in the center of Moscow on June 12, 2017 to celebrate Russia. . .

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