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No ice for the polar bear

Summer ice in the polar regions may be gone in ten years. Then the polar bear is eradicated.


By Jane George post@nytid.no

[Climate] Within ten years, the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free all summer, according to an American researcher. The sea ice is now melting faster than all previous studies have shown.

- If it melts as fast as it has in the last five to ten years, it takes ten years before everything is melted, says researcher Wieslaw Maslowski at

Marine Research Center in California. Maslowski's research shows that an ice-free polar ocean will lead to dramatic changes in the Arctic ecosystem. Among other things, the polar bear will be eradicated.

- We have arrived at these results with the help of new model experiments. There are many indications that the police are melting much faster than previously thought. Most climate and ocean current models probably underestimate how fast ice actually melts, says Maslowski.

Previously, the ice cover shrank in the summer, only to grow larger or return to its normal size. . .

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