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Built-in standard dumping

The European Parliament's Single Market Committee has adopted a contentious service directive.

The proposal for a services directive was considered by the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee on 22 November. With 25 to 10 votes, the committee adopted a proposal that also approves the most contentious part of the directive, the principle that it is the country of origin that should control its own companies when providing services in other countries.

Euro-LO has condemned the decision in the parliamentary committee and believes it will give green light to extensive social dumping. Financial Times hopes, on the other hand, that the European Parliament will follow in the same direction when the directive is to be discussed in plenary over the New Year. If so, it will be "A triumph for those who have supported the directive despite the fierce attacks from France and from the European trade union movement."

Mirrored counter-proposal

The Social Democrat Evelyne Gebhardt from Germany was the committee's spokesperson for the directive. She accepted the principle that any company that is allowed to provide certain services in one EU country should be able to provide these services in any. . .

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