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The post that was denied was taken in by Vårt Land

Will Erstad say the same about "Israeli Jews"?

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

On April 8, 2022, our country's political journalist Emil Andre Erstad has a comment about the Russian people that may have significantly greater consequences than he probably thought. Erstad writes that "ordinary Russians have a great responsibility". He calls it a collective responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine. Elsewhere in the heated debate over the war in Ukraine, many are primarily pointing to Putin, arguing that Russians in general are not a target for criticism. Here, Erstad goes a long way.

But what does this mean for what is happening elsewhere?

For example, it has been common to emphasize that Israeli Jews are not responsible for Israel's occupation and atrocities against the Palestinian people. It is only an occupation that has lasted for over 50/70 years – many will say that we have had plenty of time to assess the consequences. But I do not remember seeing that neither Erstad nor Vårt Land believe that "ordinary Israelis" should be held accountable for Israel's brutal war and occupation. Israelis have only voted for politicians – who systematically drive Palestinians away and who do not want a solution that provides security and peace for Palestinians as well.

Erstad concludes after a few weeks of hostilities about "ordinary Russians". It's strong. I'm more than excited to see what he has to say in his defense.

Trygve Natvig
Chairman of Ny Tid.

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