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The invaders among us – stink bugs, king crabs, Nile perch and coronavirus

TRAVEL ESSAY / In our time of catastrophic extinction of species, you may risk overlooking the catastrophic spread of some species. As we experienced on our journey with the four-wheeled home with the beetle Halyomorpha halys – or what about the king crab in Norway?

After a year and a half of covid plague, planning has become a new type of headache. It does not make it easier that invisible, infamous enemies always have to be included in the calculation. Be prepared. Consider the scenarios. For example this:

You will organize shipping of car from Vancouver in Canada, to Sydney in Australia. Equipping yourself with visas and various health certificates is a trifle against being certified. . .

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Ranveig Eckhoff
Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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