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Insights into a totalitarian dictatorship 

The fascist state of North Korea – an unusual travelogue
Forfatter: Terje Albregtsen
Forlag: Kolofon Forlag (Norge)
What kind of country is North Korea, and what do we really know about the North Koreans? 

The only ones I experienced as genuine fremmede during the World Youth Festival in Sochi (see article in New Time November 2017), the delegates from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea – popularly called North Korea. We had two short meetings with them – a panel debate in which a North Korean defended the nuclear weapons program as a necessary defense against the United States, and when we sat next to North Koreans on the plane from Sochi to Moscow. My friend, who had studied with North Koreans in China, thought we were ridiculous, but the rest of us were deeply fascinated by these strange people who seemed to be from another planet. What were they thinking? What were your dreams? Why did they always have these expressionless stone faces?

Whoever hopes to get answers to such questions in Terje Albregtsen's travelogue Fascist State of North Korea, will be disappointed. This is not because of the author, but because contact with ordinary people and moving outside the predetermined destinations is forbidden. The main part of the book consists of a detailed description of the journey, with useful advice for other travelers (do not bring religious or political literature, but feel free to bring ...

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Aslak Storaker
Storaker is a regular writer in Ny Tid, and a member of Rødt's international committee.

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