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Internal humming for the masses

In his second attempt, Hans Christian Green managed to make it extremely internal to something generally recognizable to those who grew up in the 1980s.


The covers really tell everything. Cover of Hans Christian Green's debut book That is strict (2000) is adorned by the polar bear statue that welcomes you to the Lindeberg Center. You must have set foot in this unspoilt village of Groruddalen to understand the cover at all. On the cover of this year's sequel, Facts damn – from A to Z about what applied in the 80s, four private childhood images fight for attention with 23 different 80's icons. Did you grow up in Norway in the 1980s, it is impossible to prevent your own memories from flowing at the sight of the cartoon character Moonlight, a football card with Kenny Dalglish, a bust of Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, a jojo, a ninja star or an Apache- bicycle. The cover signifies how Green has now found the balance between private and collective shimmering.


The covers are telling. . .

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