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Internet like rescue


- Let the internet save help the earth's poor.

This was the message in the speech of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on Wednesday, at the opening of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis.

“It is a fantastic longing, not for technology per se, but for what technology can do. This conference must be a gathering to find solutions, so that we build bridges to create a better life, ”Annan pointed out.

We all need to take seriously in these words. They are harder to live and live up to than we like to believe.

23.000 delegates from 170 countries attend the UN-sponsored conference. But the distribution of technology is skewed. Or as UN Communications Secretary Shashi Tharoor pointed out:

"It is worrying that the 400.000 inhabitants of Luxembourg have better internet access than the 800 million inhabitants of Africa,"

The goal is still to achieve the UN's Millennium Development Goals on Poverty, namely to connect all the world's villages to the Internet by 2015. According to the United Nations International Telecommunication Association (ITU), at least 800.000 villages in the world – several of them in Burkina Faso, holding elections this week – to remember . . .

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