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The cynical creation of the Internet

Surveillance Valley. The Secret Military History of the Internet
Forfatter: Yasha Levine
Forlag: PublicAffairs, (USA)
SURVEILLANCE / State surveillance would not have been possible without the services of Silicon Valley's technology companies. For example, Google in Surveillance Valley is described as "a full-fledged military contractor, who sold versions of the company's consumer data and analytics technology to police departments, city councils, and major U.S. intelligence and military organizations."


Surveillance Valley. The Secret Military History of the Internet was released in 2018, but still sheds a new light on the now much talked about Pegasus project. According to the revelations from The Guardian and 16 other media this summer, authoritarian authorities have used the spyware Pegasus to snoop on the cell phones of politicians, academics, journalists and human rights activists. Among the victims in a list of over 50 telephone numbers we find French President Emmanuel Macron, whose mobile phone is said to have been attacked by the Moroccan. . .

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Patricia Sequeira Brás
Patricia Sequeira Brás Teaches Portuguese Modern Cultures. The relationship between politics and cinema that motivated her doctoral work continues to shape her new research projects. Here Current Interests Include Representations of Crises in Cinema and Video; Explorations on film Viewership and political and Ethical Engagements; Communicative and Affect Capitalism. These interrogations are informed by work from an array of disciplinary fields within the humanities: film theory, philosophy, political theory and recent research in neuroscience.

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