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Iran's other voices

The threats of sanctions against the dictatorship in Iran due to nuclear recovery make it necessary to recall another side of the country: the widespread desire for democracy by the Iranian people.


By Cecillie Holtan, religious historian, cecilho@student.ikos.uio.no

[democracy] The Islamic Republic of Iran is regarded as one of the most fundamentalist countries in the world. President George W. Bush has accused Iran of being part of an "axis of evil". Although the religious conservatives hold the top positions in the regime, another dimension exists in Iranian society: There is a strong reform debate in Iran.

And one of the most important voices belongs to Abdolkarim Soroush. He is controversial within the Iranian regime, and is seen as dangerous by the religious leaders because he is influential and has many followers. Soroush can no longer stay in his home country due to. . .

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