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IS: A United States-created monster?

IS apparently emerged from nothing and suddenly had an army that caused Iraq's own to evaporate like water in the desert. The war the US and the Gulf states have started against IS, seems to lack both tactics and strategy – at least if the intention is to fight the organization.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State (IS) have apparently emerged from nothing. At that moment, they did not exist. In the next moment, they not only existed, but also controlled large parts of Iraq and Syria, areas where about four million people live. The group is so extreme that it even disgusts al-Qaeda. It has demonstrated that it is capable of committing any cruelty, from decapitation and cannibalism to crucifixion, mass slaughter and amputations.

At the same time, IS is so effective that in a very short time it took control of an area the size of the United Kingdom – and a few months later the group is in the process of taking control of a much larger one. . .

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