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Is it really useful to get involved in peace policy issues?

Today's government no longer supports information efforts for peace.

We are doing well in Norway, we live in deep peace, and there is something each of us should enjoy with a clear conscience. In addition, we have many benefits. We have a generous welfare state, freedom of speech and human rights that people in many other countries in the world unfortunately can see long ago. So what is the point of using resources on peace education, or engaging in peace policy issues?

The answer is so trivial that you may have already guessed it: The status quo is not good enough! It is not good enough for the world as a whole, nor does it hold true here at home. Peace is like marriage, it requires hard work, and if it is to be maintained, it must be dedicated, love and time.

Fredslaget is Norway's oldest peace organization. We were founded in 1855 by the Member of the Storting Wollert Konow, and some of our first members were Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Arne Garborg. . .

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