Is it time for a new kind of democratic involvement?

Marilena Nardi, Se Www.Libex.Eu
Marilena Nardi, Se Www.Libex.Eu

One should not be very observant to acknowledge that we are living in a time of upheaval with increasing tension and disturbingly weak global political leadership. While many liberal democracies are struggling, Norwegian politicians praise the strength of ours, characterized by high confidence. It may then be worth reflecting on the fact that what perhaps characterizes Norway the most is that we live in a money-lubricated democracy, which dampens potentially explosive contradictions between wings, center and periphery as well as between generations. Rich enough, in part at the expense of others, to displace the fundamental challenges. Evasive enough to celebrate the small victories, but push tough decisions and priorities onto future generations.

In operational professions, and from voluntary efforts in disasters og crises, we know that different alternatives and encouragement of counter-perceptions is the key to good decisions and high execution ability. Those who are to live with the decisions and solve the task must own the solutions.

Until quite a few years ago, it was practically and technologically difficult to give everyone the opportunity to participate directly in ongoing legislative and executive

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