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Cold terrorist as a superhero

The filming of V for vendetta updates the cartoon's Thatcher criticism to a sharp warning about the consequences of today's terrorist terror.

[science fiction] What's happening in Hollywood? Just weeks after Syriana dissected the cynicism and conspiracy in American oil policy, V comes for the vendetta – where the hero is an icy terrorist who wants to blow up the British parliament.

We are in our near future. The United States has gone to war, while the United Kingdom has isolated itself as an authoritarian and fascist surveillance state where degenerate arts, gays, blacks, Muslims and regime critics are cleared of the way. A masked revenge called V takes up the fight against the regime, and 5. November he blasts Old Bailey Court in the air, accompanied by Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture and color-splitting fireworks. "Remember, remember, the fifth of November," he says, promising a revolution of the day a year later.

Catholic terror

Next Friday is the Norwegian premiere of the film based on author Alan Moore's first comic book novel, which has finally been translated into Norwegian. The main character V is reminiscent of black-clad superheroes à la Batman and the vampire hunter Blade, where he dispenses with the help of cloak, martial arts, wall climbing and sharp knives. . .

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