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Is it a crime to save lives?

Libre (To the Four Winds)
Regissør: Michel Toesca

France sentenced its own citizens to prison for assisting people in need. Europe is letting the tangled remains of its morals and ethics drown in the Mediterranean. Libre follows a man who is protesting.

Every day, migrants cross the border from Italy to France. Minors and asylum seekers are entitled to support, but the fact is that they are regularly transported back to the Italian side, accused of breaking French law.

Opposition to this practice, however, is growing. In the Roya Valley, a French enclave in Italy, farmer Cédric Herrou opened his home and began offering migrants a place to rest, food and protection, and more future-oriented help, such as filling out an asylum application – all based on human rights. Recognizing people in need, and helping them, was for him the most basic human. . .

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Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

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