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It's the economy, stupid!

Most Norwegian media these days should have had job ads with the heading "US expert sought". 

Not just because the media is wrong – it is human to be wrong. But they were all wrong, in the same way. And as usual, almost all comments were about surface phenomena and ideology. But what's really interesting about the political crisis the US is in now is what's going on beneath the surface – and not least in the economy. The United States is a superpower at sunset, and now it's really starting to wear off.

In a major analysis from Harvard Business School with the title Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided (September 2016)
it is documented that the United States economy is stagnating and declining, while neither the economic nor the political system is able to address the problems.

US competitiveness began to crumble well before the Great Recession. The United States' economic challenges are structural,. . .

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