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Yes to diversity and sex positivity!

Skeiv Youth calls for a teacher education that provides competence and security to those who are to provide sex education. 

Today's sex education is too poor, there is a great consensus among large sections of the population, and especially youth. This is a conversation that has been going on for years – without any real change. Now it is several years since I went to school, but in the face of today's school youth we see little improvement.

Let's talk about some of the missing things:

1. Consent: We need a sex education that has a consistent focus on consent, real and active consent, where all parties come with an active and enthusiastic YES. Today's sex education focuses on consent, but often only in the form of "no means no", but one also needs to look at other ways in which both an active yes and a no can be expressed. Sex is just sex, if all actively. . .

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Berglund is the political deputy leader of Skeiv Ungdom.

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