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"I do not see beauty in war, but there is beauty in everything"

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Beauty, suffering, wealth, poverty, superficiality and raped children are different sides of the same coin, says photographer Marco Di Lauro, who spent a week with the Red Cross in Bergamo during the covid-19 outbreak.


- You started shooting analogously with an Olympus OM10 camera, then with one from Canon, and developed the images yourself. Which camera are you using now? And how did you experience the transition to digital photography? Does the quality get worse, or does it give you more options?

- I started with Olympus OM10 because it was my mother camera, and she taught me how to take pictures with it. When I started photographing professionally in 1998, I used Nikon cameras until the end of the Iraq war in 2005. When I returned home from Iraq, my equipment was broken and I had to buy a new one. I chose Canon because it was so economical. To me, one camera is the same. . .

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