RELIGION / The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus – or someone who appears to be him – would be received today.


What if the earth was invaded by aliens? What if robots could be sent from the future to change the story's evolution? What if the world was reduced to desert after a disaster? What if sterility became widespread and the remaining fertile women were forced to be feeders in a dictatorship? What if there were beings who lived forever but had to drink the blood of men?

Many films and TV shows are based on such thought experiments. Not least, science-fiction stories often have terms that can be formulated in "what-if" questions. Netflix series Messiah does not, however, fall into this genre, but is perhaps one religion fiction It asks a hypothetical question surprisingly few fiction films or drama series have so far addressed: What if Jesus should resurrect today?

Admittedly, the word "apparently" should be added to this premise, as the series consistently holds the viewer in uncertainty as to whether the alleged savior is a charlatan or a real commodity.

Messiah Series Creator Michael Petroni USA
Messiah Series Creator Michael Petroni USA

Charismatic preacher

I Messiah a Jesus-like man shows up syria, at the same time as a sandstorm causes a significant setback ISIS. The eloquent and charismatic preacher is nicknamed al-Masih ("the Savior"), and quickly gains a following of followers. After leading a group of Palestinians residing in Syria to the Israeli border, he mysteriously finds himself in the United States. There, among other things, he steps out of a tornado and walks across a water surface – to the great amazement of the crowds, whether they are present or watching one of the ever-increasing number of video footage of the supposed miracles.

It is only to be expected that a Messiah of our time would not only have followers in the traditional sense.

Messiah asks a big question, in an ambitious series that embraces several global. . .

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