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The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

The Hottest August
Regissør: Brett Story
(USA, Canada)

URBANIZATION / The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.

Brett Storys The Hottest August is spatially environmentally oriented filmmaking at its best. The images of the sky above New York's roofs are poetic, but it is what hangs heavy in the air that clings: the possibility that the Earth will finally settle accounts with the policies of capitalism and unleash the consequences. The director takes us on a journey – as light and humorous as it is full of warnings – through New York's five boroughs, where residents are interviewed about changes in the city and thoughts about the future. Scott has an ear for anecdotes and is charmed by human "tics", and she chats with residents from all walks of life: skaters in municipal housing, the twentieth-century jazz-saved preachers, a fitness instructor and a retired police officer.

Racism is always haunting in the background, even before the images from the white-power attack in Charlottesville (August 12, 2017) appears via the news broadcast that rolls and goes on a TV screen inside a laundry. From a bar stool, a man says he prefers to call it. . .

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Carmen Gray
Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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