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Our journalist was assaulted at the border with Chechnya

Our journalist Øystein Windstad is attacked on the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Mobile Group of Chechnya (Committee Against Torture) confirms to FrontLine Human Rights Defenders that Ny Tids journalist Øystein Windstad is among the injured after a minibus with foreign journalists and representatives from Committee Against Torture was stopped by 20 masked men with clubs who attacked the minibus and attacks followed. They took video footage and mobiles.
Then they set fire to the vehicle. Four others were injured – the Norwegian journalist Windstad, the Swedish correspondent Lena Maria Løfgren from Swedish Radio, the driver and the lawyer Katia Vanslova from Committee Against Torture. See more info on the case here in Russian.
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Committe Against Torture confirms that Windstad is in the hospital in the Ingushetian city of Sunja (Sunzha) and Committee Against Torture has spoken to him there. The incident is being investigated by Ingush police.

PEN International, as well as Norsk Pen condemn the attack and will demand an investigation into the case.

Windstad previously worked with this one case in New Time, which received enormous attention,
and is nominated for the SKUP award. (See also recent cases to Windstad in New Time.)
He was in Chechnya to make a sequel, while following the arranged press tour.

Other media coverage:


Øystein travels from Ingushetia. . .

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