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Biblical beginnings of journalism

Derrida's juxtaposition of Christianity and modern journalism is thought-provoking, but it is difficult to take the philosopher's ideological criticism of the media as a Christian phenomenon seriously.

Jacques Derrida:
Surtout, watch the journalists!
Edition Galilee, 2016

Surtout pas-de-journalistAlthough it is over ten years since the French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930 – 2004) died, publications still come from his hand. This year's book contains a post Derrida held at a conference on religion and media at the Dutch Institute in Paris in December 1997, as well as his various answers in the debate afterwards. Surtout, watch the journalists! ("Especially not journalists!") Is more audience friendly than much else Derrida has written, and the theme is also hyperactive.

Presence-absence. Derrida bases his problem on religion and media on a paradoxical juxtaposition of the modern media and the Old Testament narrative of God requiring Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Moriah mountain. The communication between Abraham and God is an absolute secret, except for the journalists. Hence the title of the book.

Many have made different versions of what may have been going on inside Abraham's head on the long road to Moria berg (including Søren Kierkegaard in Fear and trembling). This religious space between Abraham and God should be completely outside. . .

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