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Julian Assange – a goldmine and a nightmare

Julian Assange in His Own Words
BEFORE THE TRIAL 27 OCTOBER / The characteristics Karen Sharpe draws from Assange's work are that everything he brought forward should be open and verifiable, scientifically correct and reliable. But for power, Assange is dangerous – because he makes the whistleblowers dangerous.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

This is the book you must read if you are only going to read one book about and by Julian Assange. Karen Sharpe #'s collection of quotes by Assange emerges as an 184-page puzzle, page by page, topic by topic, and forms a document that the world has hardly seen before. It creates a depth and a respect for a person who has shaped the media in the last two decades.

The book quotes Edward Snowden, for example, who says that "Julian Assange is one of the most insightful thinkers in today's technology world – far ahead of the rest of the world." Sharpe lets us understand why someone thinks he needs to be taken by surprise.

Sharpe gives us a picture of Assange, his actions – unstoppable, raw and revealing. . .

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